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It is a web portal, that brings reviews of best-selling popular Books and interesting articles on Food, Travel, Health, and Lifestyle.

about me

Hi! I am Kapil who runs this website. I have varied interests in different genres and myself follow a number of other websites. In my pursuit towards continuous learning, I decided to start this website to collate my understanding gained from reading best-selling popular books and such other articles.

You will find that the content of each article here is well curated so as to ensure every reader feels to have gained value after reading it. The posts are on interesting topics aimed at elevating the quality of life of its readers in terms of health, wealth, and wisdom.


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I often post excerpts of things created by others. In fact, if you see anything useful on here at all, I’m probably just paraphrasing someone smarter. If you, as a copyright holder, feel I have violated or infringed on your copyright please let me know and I will take down the link or modify the post in question.


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