How to make ice-cream at home?

How to make ice-cream at home? Sanjeev Kapoor RecipeBADAM PISTA KULFI

How to make ice-cream at home? Interested to know. Find out here.

With the onset of summers, indulge yourself in this yummy Badam Pista Kulfi recipe from chef Sanjeev Kapoor. It is a very simple recipe to make ice cream at home.


12-15 almonds (badam), coarsely ground

15-20 pistachios, coarsely ground

1½ litres milk

A pinch of saffron

4 tablespoons Sugarfree Natura/½ cup sugar

¼ cup khoya/mawa, grated


1. Heat the milk in a thick-bottomed non-stick pan. When the milk begins to boil, add the

saffron, lower the heat and simmer, stirring continuously, till the milk is reduced by half.

2. Add the Sugarfree Natura/sugar, almonds and pistachios and mix well. Cook for three to

four minutes, stirring continuously. Take the pan off the heat and set aside to let cool.

3. Add the khoya/mawa and mix well. Pour into individual kulfi moulds and place them in

the freezer to set.

4. Unmould and serve immediately.

Calories Saved:- 479 Kcal

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