10 Mindful Eating Tips ~ Namita Jain

Habit of Mindful Eating

Our food portions can break or make us. Often, feeling exhausted leads to sugar or junk food cravings, and you might end up rewarding yourself with donuts or a soft drink. Being attentive is the key to self-regulation. However, ensure you don’t starve yourself either, as this will lead to other health disorders. Simple food leads to a simple way of living.

Namita Jain, a well-known fitness expert for 25 years now who has authored 10 wellness books, some of which have been endorsed by celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Saina Nehwal and Suniel Shetty, gives ten solid mindful eating tips on how to indulge this festive season.

Namita’s tips for mindful eating

  1. Make one change in your lifestyle every week to begin with. For instance, in the first week, replace all the junk food in your home with healthier snacking options.
  2. Plan your meals in advance for the entire week.
  3. Always carry a fruit and a box of nuts when you leave home. If you have a healthier option with you, it’s easier to avoid unhealthy stuff.
  4. Replace all aerated drinks with lime water. Staying well hydrated helps avoid junk food cravings.


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  1. Eat on time and know when to stop. Don’t eat too fast, but slowly, in a relaxed manner. Chew your food so that it is digested well.
  2. Try and pick a glass of sugarcane juice over a packaged fruit drink.
  3. Carry your own bottle, so that you can drink clean water wherever you go. This way you keep yourself hydrated through the day.
  4. When it comes to produce, always eat fresh fruits, salads or sprouts.
  5. Make use of leftover food wisely, and, if possible, cook food in small portions. This way, you will have access to more freshly-cooked meals and waste less.
  6. Go minimal – An over-stocked fridge and pantry can result in wasted vegetables, fruits, and out-of-date food products. Make a list of what’s already there in your kitchen. Or, better, cook up a dish with the ingredients that need to be finished first, before they go stale.


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