Rujuta Diwekar’s Suggested Diet Plan

Rujuta_Diwekar's_book_01Rujuta Diwekar is the highest paid nutritionist in India and a celebrity fitness expert to whom many Bollywood actors and actresses owe their great shape and health.

She was bestowed with the Nutrition Award by the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology in 2010. She has also received accreditation from Sports Dietician, a fitness organization based out of Australia.

Rujuta Diwekar speaks to the readers in clear and simple words how a person can eat anything s/he feels like and yet remain healthy, maintaining a good shape.
The article summarizes through certain simple points to an ideal way of dieting or maintaining a healthy and proper diet.

1. Eat fruits grown locally such as banana, grapes, sapote and mangoes. All fruits have FRUCTOSE so it doesn’t matter if you are eating a mango over an apple.
Eat all the above fruits in DIABETES as the FRUCTOSE will eventually manage your SUGAR.

2. Choose seed based oils over veggie oils. So, prefer ground-nut, mustard, coconut & til oil over olive, rice bran and such.
KACHCHI GHANI oil is recommended over high-profile super market refined oils.

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3. Rujuta has in most of her interviews mentioned the goodness of GHEE and its benefits.
She advises to eat GHEE daily as it helps to reduce cholesterol.

4. She advises to include COCONUT in daily food regime. Coconut has ZERO CHOLESTEROL and it makes your WAIST SLIM.
There are various ways to add it to our cuisines like sprinkling scraped coconut over dish items – poha, khandvi or in chutney with idli and dosa.

5. Replace breakfast cereals like oats and similar packaged food items with poha, upma, idli, dosa, paratha. Rujuta says packaged cereals lack taste and the day should start with delicious and tasty food.
6. If you are choosing oats for source of fibre then it need not be the case. Poha, upma, idli and dosa also do the job of supplying fibre in good amounts in comparison to oats.

7. Avoid drinking fruit JUICES as long as you have teeth in your mouth to chew veggies and fruits.

8. SUGARCANE is the real DETOX. Drink the juice fresh or eat the SUGARCANE.

9. If you are affected with PCOS or thyroid related ailments – undertake strength training or weight training and avoid all packaged food on all costs.

10. RICE –WHITE RICE can be eaten on regular basis as it is hand pounded and not high in GI index. By eating it with daal / dahi / kadhi, its GI index can be brought further down.

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Rujuta says NO NEED to consume Brown rice. Brown rice needs 5-6 whistles to cook and when it tires your pressure cooker, then why do you want to tire your tummy.

Rice has certain rich minerals and can be eaten even three times a day.

11. How much should we eat? – eat more if you are hungrier, let your stomach guide you.
Eat rice and chapati together or only rice if you wish to. It depends on your hunger.
12. Food shouldn’t scare you off from eating rice and ghee. Instead it should make you FEEL GOOD.

13. NEVER count food CALORIES. Instead, check its NUTRIENTS while eating.

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14. Avoid fast food items such as bread, biscuits, cakes, pizza, pasta, and such.

15. Ask yourself if this is the food our (grandparents) Nani or Dadi used to eat?
If yes, then eat without any hesitation.

16. Eat as per season. Eat pakoda, fafda, jalebi in monsoon. Rujuta comments our hunger is as per season. In specific seasons, we crave for fried food, so eat them.

17. Don’t drink tea as the first thing in morning or when you are hungry. Rest of the time, you can have it 2-3 times a day and with sugar.
No GREEN tea please.

18. Eat all our TRADITIONAL foods. Strictly NO to packaged foods / drinks.

19. Exercise / walk to digest & stay healthy.

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Below is a sample diet plan suggested by Rujuta to Kareena during pregnancy.

Pre pregnancy One of Kareena’s meal plans

  • Meal (M) 1 Soaked raisins (7-8) and almonds (3-4). Drink the water of raisins
  • M 2 Egg and toast
  • M 3 Tender coconut water or kokum sherbet
  • M 4 Jowar roti, ghee and pulses + vegetables
  • M 5 Fresh fruit
  • M 6 Chakli (murukku) or cheese toast
  • M 7 Pulao and raita or rice and kadhi with veg
  • M 8 Chivda and yoghurt or buttermilk with rock salt and asafoetida (depending on hunger)

Post pregnancy One of Kareena’s rest-and-recovery meal plans

  • M 1 Soaked black raisins
  • M 2 Upma with veggies/ajwain paratha
  • M 3 Lime water with sugar, kesar and rock salt
  • M 4 Dal-rice, vegetables and buttermilk/phulka and ghee with vegetables and veg raita
  • M 5 Cheese/jamun
  • M 6 Mango
  • M 7 Paneer and veggies cooked any style with roti/khichdi
  • *If hungry later – Banana/cup of milk
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And finally, watch this short video where Rujuta is demystifying the myths around consumption of coconut, cashew nuts, and peanuts.

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